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Bargain buyers

It happens regularly to me when I’m attending a coinfair that an interested collector makes an uninvited “offer” on a coin. Apart from the fact that I don’t work that way and my prices are fixed, the “offer” is without exception ridiculously low.

What are these collectors trying to achieve? They obviously have no idea of market prices, or they would know that my prices aren’t unreasonable. Or, are they hoping I’m suffering from acute dementia and accept their “offer”?

Now, I don’t know what their behaviour is like with other dealers, but if this is their buying strategy, they either have no collection at all or a collection of low grade coins. The bargains they are looking for simply do not exist. These days it rarely happens that a collector or dealer needs to sell quickly. And those that have to always find their way to a price in line with the market.

What I observe is that really high grade coins are becoming rarer and rarer, and thus more expensive. And when a high grade collection of coins is being offered on sale, dealers and collectors are standing in line to outbid each other.

So, the afore mentioned collectors are doomed to go home with only low quality coins and to have a collection that, when they want to sell, is worth less than the price they paid. They will have achieved exactly the opposite of what they set out to do.