Septimius Severus


This coin was struck on occasion of Septimius entering Rome for his adventus after his eastern campaigns against Pescennius Niger.

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Rome, 196-197 AD. AU aureus, 7.24 gr., 20 mm.

Obv: L SEPT SEV PERT AUG IMP VIII; laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust of Septimius Severus to the right.

Rev: ADVENTUI AUG FELICISSIMO; emperor on horseback right, raising right hand in salute; to the right, soldier advancing to the right, head to the left, holding reins of horse and vexillum.

Ref: Calicó 2427 (these dies); RIC 73 var. (bust type); BMC 150 var. (these dies); Biaggi 1061 (these dies). Ex Freeman & Sear, Mail Bid Sale 11 (2004), lot 354.
Lustrous. Some edge marks. Extremely rare. Extremely fine.