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Rome, 468 AD. AU solidus, 4.42 gr., 21.2 mm.

Obv: D N ANTHEMIUS P F AUG; helmeted, pearl-diademed and cuirassed bust of Anthemius to the right, holding spear over shoulder with his right hand and shield with horseman and enemy motif in his left.

Rev: SALUS REI PUBLICAE; two emperors, in military dress, standing facing, holding spears and supporting a globe surmounted by cross between them; in centre field, Christogram; in exergue: COMOB.

Ref: RIC 2822 var.; Depeyrot 63/1 var.; Lacam 55 var. Ex NAC 8 (1995), lot 79; ex Tkalec, 8 September 2008, lot 334.
Rare. Light reddish tone, minor area of weakness on obverse. Nearly extremely fine.