Bruttium, Kaulonia


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Circa 525-500 BC. AR nomos, 7.72 gr., 31 mm.

Obv: KAVΛ; Apollo advancing right, holding branch; small daimon running to the right on Apollo’s left arm; in right field: stag standing to the right, head reverted.

Rev: incuse of obverse, but branch and daimon in raised outline and no ethnic.

Ref: Noe, Caulonia Group A, 10; HN Italy 2035; SNG ANS 146; Jameson 408; Boston MFA 172 = Warren 138 (all from the same dies). Ex Fekula collection.

Attractively toned, struck from elegant dies. Extremely fine.
Ex Nelson Bunker Hunt collection. Ex Sotheby’s, 19 June 1991, lot 45.