Bruttium, Lokroi Epizephyrioi


This issue has been attributed to the period of either Alexander the Molossian (Pozzi) or Pyrrhos of Epeiros (Kraay), as both used the thunderbolt as a symbol on their coinage. Kraay’s argument is more persuasive: the average weight of of this issue fits more precisely in the denominational system of gold coinage in Magna Graecia during the third century, and a parallel issue struck at Tarentum has been definitively placed during the time of Pyrrhos (cf. HN Italy 992).AU

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Circa 280 BC. AU 1/10 stater, 0.91 gr., 10.2 mm.

Obv: OΛ; head of eagle to the left with serpent in its beak.

Rev: winged thunderbolt.

Ref: HN Italy 2346; SNG ANS 498; SNG Copenhagen 1857; Jameson 447; Pozzi 795. Ex Triton XI, 2008, lot 29.

Very rare. Usual area of flat strike, minor die break on reverse. Very fine.