Clodius Albinus


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Rome, 193-195 AD. AR denarius, AR 3.95 gr.

Obv: D CLOD SEPT ALBIN CAES; bare head of Clodius Albinus to the right.

Rev: FELICITA S COS II; Felicitas, draped and diademed, standing to the left, with long sceptre and caduceus.

Ref: RIC 4a; BMC 91. Ex Gorny & Mosch 215 (2013), lot 234; ex Peus 396 (2008), lot 621.

Wonderful old cabinet tone. Extremely fine.

Clodius Albinus was general in Britannia and one of those who rose against Didius Julianus. He cut a deal with Septimius Severus to support him. In exchange he became Caesar. But Septimius plans changed. When he was emperor he appointed his son Caesar and Clodius knew his days were numbered. He battled it out with Septimius in 197 at the battle of Lugdunum. Clodius lost and took his life.