Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus


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Constantinople, circa 945 AD. AU solidus, 4.24 gr., 19 mm.

Obv: +IhS XPS RЄX RЄϚNANTIЧm; nimbate bust of Christ facing, wearing pallium and columbium, raising right hand in benediction and holding book of Gospels in left; three dots in each arm of cross.

Rev: + COҺSƮAҺƮ’AVƮ’CRAƮ’N’ҺO•; crowned bust of Constantine VII facing, with long beard and wearing a loros, in his right hand holding a patriarchal cross on a globus.

Ref: DOC 13a.1 (these dies); Sear 1747. ex Numismatica Ars Classica 92 (2016), lot 988.

Extremely rare. Well-centered. Some minor marks, nevertheless Nearly extremely fine.