Cossutius C.f. Sabula


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Rome, 72 BC. AR denarius, 3.71 g, 18.1 mm.

Obv: SABULA; head of the Medusa to the left, winged and hair bound by serpents.

Rev: [L · C]OSSUTI [· C · F] Bellerophon riding Pegasus to the right, brandishing spear; behind: XXI.

Ref:  Crawford 395/1. Sydenham 790. Ex Lanz 68 (1994), lot 302.

A Medusa of particularly fine style. Light deposits on reverse. Good extremely fine.
From the Trausnitz collection.
For such a frightening creature noted for her hideousness, the portrait of Medusa on this coin, especially as it is enhanced by the lovely iridescent tones, is quite astounding.