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As Caesar. Rome, 77-78 AD. AU aureus, 7.25 gr., 18.7 mm.

Obv: CAESAR AUG F DOMITIANUS; laureate head of Domitian to the right.

Rev: captive kneeling to the right, offering standard with vexillum; in exergue: COS V.

Ref: Calicó 819; RIC (Vespasian) 959; BMC (Vespasian) 231. Ex HSA 22285; ex NAC 71 (2013),

lot 224 (hammerprice: chf 16,000).

A superb portrait of high style, light reddish tone, original lustre. Extremely fine.

Ex Archer M. Huntington collection. Possibly from the Boscoreale hoard.