Gaius for Agrippina Maior


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Lugdunum, 40–41 AD. Æ sestertius, 30.30 gr., 34.4 mm.

Obv: AGRIPPINA·M·F·MAT·C·CAESARIS·AUGUSTI; draped bust of Agrippina Maior to the right, hair at back of neck tied in long queue.

Rev: carpentum, with ornamented side and cover supported by three Karyatids, drawn to the left by two mules; above: S P Q R, in left in field: MEMORIAE AGRIPPINAE in two lines.

Ref: RIC 55; BMC 81; Bant 38/1 (this coin); RIM pg.144, 50 (this coin). Ex Glendining auction 16/21 november 1950, lot 1003; ex Münzen & Medaillen AG, Basel, auction 66 (1984), lot 354; From the Bunbury and Henry Platt-Hall II collections.

Red-brown patina. Very rare variant. Extremely fine.

Concerning the unique hairstyle of Agrippina on this coin, see Museo Capitolino, inv. 421.