Gallia Belgica, Ambiani.


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Circa 60-50 BC. AU stater, 6.18 gr., 16.5 mm.

Obv: blank convex surface with traces of design around the edges.

Rev: horse to the right; below: crescent, around: pellets.

Ref: DT 239; Van Arsdell 52/4. Ex Nomos 9 (2014), lot 1.

Nearly extremely fine.

Issued during Caesar’s Gallic wars. Ex the Cologny collection

The Ambiani were said to be a tribe of Germanic origin and occupied lands north of Samarobriva (modern day: Amiens). They actively took part in the resistance against Caesar, supplying 5,000 men to break the siege of Alesia and taking part in the campaign of Correus of the Bellovaci.