Ionia, Ephesos.


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1st century AD. Æ tessera, 5.82 gr., 19 mm.

Obv: stag, head to the right, lying to the left; across fields: ΕΦ, in exergue: CΚOΠΙ.

Rev: ΚΗΡΙΛΙΣ ΩΔΕ ΠΡΟΣ ΠΑΛΥΡΙΝ; bee seen from above.

Ref: SNG Copenhagen 355 var.; BMC 186; SNG von Aulock 1875 var. Ex AW collection before 2013.
Rare. Well centered. Good very fine.

During the Hellenistic period and throughout the 1st century AD, a series of tesserae were made at the cult centre of Ephesos. The legend remains an enigma and its meaning uncertain.