John I Tzimisces


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Constantinople, 970-973 AD. AU histamenon nomisma, 4.06 gr.,

Obv: + IhS XIS REX REGNANTInm; bust of Christ facing, wearing nimbus cruciger with two pellets in each arm, pallium and colobium, right hand raised in benediction, Bible in left hand.

Rev: + ΘEOTOC-bOHΘ´ IW dESP; half-length busts of nimbate Virgin right, wearing stola and maphorium, crowning with right hand John I left, wearing loros, patriarchal cross with globular terminus in left hand; Manus Dei in upper left field, MΘ in upper right field.

Ref: Sear 1785. DOC III, Part 2, 3.

Diebreak on obv. Rare. Very fine.

Ex Phoibos collection.