Julius Nepos


The Western Roman empire does not really end with Romulus Augustus in 476, but rather with Julius Nepos as last legitimate Roman emperor in the West 474-475, and he remained the legitimate emperor acknowledged by his colleague in the East until his death in 480. His coins are all very rare.

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First reign, in the name of Zeno. Rome, circa 474-475 AD.

AU tremissis, 1.42 gr., 12.9 mm.

Obv: D N ZENO PERP AUG; pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust of Zeno to the right.

Rev: cross within wreath.

Ref: RIC 3660 var.(Z retrograde); Lacam 151 var.(Z retrograde). Ex Künker 133 (2007), lot 9186.
Very rare. Nearly extremely fine.