Koinon Macedon


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Pseudo-autonomous. Time of Gordian III, ca. 238-244 AD. Æs, 10.26 gr.

Obv: ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΥ; diademed head of Alexander the Great to the left.

Rev. KOINON MAKEDONΩN B NEΩ; horseman (Alexander?) galloping to the right, holding spear.

Ref: AMNG III, p. 528, 512; BMC 120; SNG Copenhagen 1355.
Very rare. Lovely green patina. Extremely fine.


The Koinon of Macedonians under the Roman Empire was a religious and administrative confederation of Macedonian cities that had its roots in the royal administration of the Macedonian kingdom under its last kings, Philip V and Perseus. The capital of the Koinon was located at Beroia.This particular issue was probably struck in 242 AD, when Gordian III passed through the city on his way to make war on the Sasanian Persian Empire. In this context, types featuring Alexander the Great not only celebrated the storied past of the Macedonian cities that made up the Koinon, but also honoured the Emperor hoping to repeat the feats of Alexander and destroy the new Persian Empire. As it turned out, Gordian III fell short. Although he drove back the Sasanians at the Battle of Raesena (243 AD) and began a march against Ctesiphon, his advance was fiercely contested. The Emperor was killed as he tried to force his way towards the Sasanian capital, either killed in the fighting or murdered by his own soldiers following a defeat.