L. Flaminius Chilo


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Rome, 41 BC. AR denarius, 3.49 gr., 19.7 mm.

Obv: laureate head of Julius Caesar to the right.

Rev: L•FLAMINIUS III VIR; goddess (Pax or Venus?) standing to the left, holding caduceus in right hand and sceptre in left.

Ref: Sydenham 1089; Crawford 485/1; Woytek Arma et Nummi p. 558. RBW –.

Beautiful old collection patina. A few banker marks and a graffito on obv. Good very fine.

Ex Vicomte de Sartiges collection; ex Ars Classica XVIII (1938), lot 12; ex J. Hirsch XXXI (1912), lot 901.

A portrait of Julius Caesar of extraordinary quality.