Lucania, Laos


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Circa 480-460 BC. AR stater. 7.53 gr., 20.4 mm.

Obv: ΛAΣ; man-headed bull to the left, head reverted, standing on dotted ground line; all within dotted border.

Rev: ΛAΣ; man-headed bull to the left, head lowered, standing on a ground line.

Ref: Unpublished in the standard references, cf. H.-R. Sternberg, ‘Die Silberprägung von Laos ca. 510-440 v. Chr.,’ in Proceedings of the 8th International Numismatic Congress, New York & Washington 1973, pp. 143-162, 8 pl. 13 = Niggeler Collection I, 49 = Jameson 255; cf. HN Italy 2275 and HGC I, 1534 (rev. bull right).
Extremely Rare. Lightly toned. Good very fine.