Lucania, Thourioi


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Circa 350-300 BC. AR dinomos, 15.92 gr., 27 mm.

Obv: head of Athena to the right, wearing crested Attic helmet, the bowl decorated with Skylla throwing a stone held in her right hand.

Rev: bull butting to the right, head facing, on plain ground line; above: ΘOYPIΩN, in exergue: lion’s head to the right between H  P[A] flanking head.

Ref: Noe, Thurian, Group N, 10 (this obv. die); HN Italy 1859; SNG ANS 983 (this obv. die); Weber 884 (this obv. die). Ex Numismatica Ars Classica M (2002), lot 2084.

Attractively toned, small bump on obverse. Well struck on a full flan. Good very fine.

Rare with this mark in exergue