Mamilius Limetanus


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Rome, 82 BC. AR denarius, 3.89 gr., 18.6 mm.

Obv: draped bust of Mercury to the right, wearing winged petasos; behind: caduceus and T.

Rev: [C•] MAMIL LIMETA[N] (partially ligate); Ulysses standing to the right, holding staff in left hand and extending right hand to Argus on the right.

Ref: Crawford 362/1; Sydenham 741.
Old cabinet tone. Tiny knick on obverse, edge fault and scratch on reverse.

Nearly extremely fine.
The reverse shows Ulysses, after an absence of many years, returning in humble dress to the island of Ithaca, where he was at once recognized by his old dog Argus, who died of joy at seeing his master again.