Marcus Aurelius


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Rome, 168 AD. Æ medaillon, 51.67 gr.

Obv: M ANTONINUS AUG ARM PARTH MAX; laureate, draped bust of Marcus Aurelius

Rev: TR P XXII IMP IIII COS III; Jupiter standing to the left, with lightingbolt and sceptre, flanked by Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus.

Ref: Cohen 886; Gnecchi 52, Tv. 63, 3 (this coin).

Rare. Riverine pati­na. Impressive and attractive specimen. Good very fine.

Ex Niklovitz collection; ex Auktion L. Hamburger, Frankfurt, 19-10-1925 and from the Berliner Münzkabinett (sold in 1910 as doublet); ex Leu 71 (1997), lot 405.