Maximinus II Daia.


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Antioch, ca. 311-312 AD. Æ quarter nummus, 1.76 gr., 16.2 mm.

Obv: GENIO ANTIOCHENI; Tyche of Antioch seated facing on rock, river-god Orontes swimming at her feet.

Rev: APOLLONI SANCTO; Apollo standing to the left pouring ritual libation from patera and holding lyre; in right field: Δ, in exergue: SMA.

Ref: Van Heesch, NC 1993, 66, 3a; RIC -.

Rare. Dark green patina. Good very fine.

Thought to have been issued by Julian, now known to be issued by Maximinus II Daia in his fight against Christianity, these small coins belong to one of his last city-issues. For the attribution see J. van Heesch, Numismatic Chronicle 153 (1993), p. 66-75.