Philippus I Arabs.


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Rome, 247 AD. AR antoninianus, 4.21 gr.

Obv: IMP PHILIPPVS AVG; radiate, draped and cuirassed bust of Philippus I to the right.

Rev: VICTORIA CARPICA; Victory advancing to the right, with wreath in right hand and palm branch over left shoulder.

Ref: RIC 66.

A sharply and well struck example with iridescent patina. Rare. Virtually as struck and almost FDC.


The Carpi were a barbarian tribe who crossed the Danube to lay waste Moesia Inferior. After a prolonged struggle, the Carpi were driven back across the Danube into their homeland, pursued by the Romans. The Romans besieged them in a hill-fort and the Carpi had to sue for peace. Philip was acclaimed Carpicus Maximus.

It is believed that the Carpathian mountains derive their name from this tribe.