Phrygia, Eukarpeia


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Gaius Claudius Flaccus, magistrate. 147-148 AD. Æs, 2.60 gr., 15.5 mm.

Obv: EYΚΑΡΠEΩΝ; head of young Herakles to the right, wearing lion’s skin headdress.

Rev: EΠΙ Γ• ΚΛ• ΦΛΑΚΚΟY; Telesphorus standing facing.

Ref: RPC IV.2, 1986; SNG von Aulock 3576.

Nearly extremely fine.

Originally Telesphorus was a Celtic god, brought to Asia minor by the Galatians. There he was incorporated in the Pantheon as a son of Asklepios. He symbolized recovery from illness, as his name means “the accomplisher” or “bringer of completion” in Greek.