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As Augusta. Rome, 202-203 AD. AR denarius, 3.83 gr., 18.9 mm.

Obv: PLAUTILLA AUGUSTA; draped bust of Plautilla to the right.

Rev: VENUS VICTRIX; Venus Victrix standing to the left, holding apple and palm branch, resting left arm on shield set on ground; before to the left: Cupid standing to the left, holding helmet.

Ref: RIC (Caracalla) 369, BMC 429.

Nice patina. Extremely fine.

Although there is no record of, this coin suggests that Plautilla had a child with her husband, Caracalla. Maybe there has been a child, but did it live only for a short time. This coin is quite enigmatic as the main sources state that the young couple couldn’t stand each other and even refused to dine together.