Seleukid Kingdom, Seleukos VI Epiphanes Nikator


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Seleukeia on the Kalykadnos, circa 96-94 BC. AR tetradrachm, 16.04 gr., 32 mm.

Obv: diademed head of Seleukos VI to the right.

Rev. BAΣIΛEΩΣ ΣEΛEΥKOY EΠIΦANOΥΣ NIKATOΡOΣ; Athena standing facing, head to the left, holding Nike in right hand and resting left on shield set on ground; spear leaning against left arm; in outer left field: silphium plant (?), in inner left field: ΘE, above: ΠA-monogram.

Ref: SC 2403.1a; CSE 534; A. Houghton: The Seleucid mint of Seleucia on the Calycadnus, in: Kraay-Mørkholm Essays, p. 94, 137 corr.

The obverse struck from a slightly worn die. Choice very fine.

A beautifully toned example of this extremely rare Attic weight issue.