Sicily, Kentoripai


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Ca. 214-210 BC. AE tetrachalkon, 11.44 gr.

Obv: laureate head of Zeus to the right.

Rev: KENTO PIΠINΩN; thunderbolt.

Ref: SNG ANS 1308 (this obverse die). Ex Stoecklin collection (with ticket), acquired prior to 1975.

Dark brown-green patina. Some minor encrustrations, nevertheless Very fine.

Situated strategically near mount Aetna, it was founded, according to Thucydides, by the Sikelotes but was Hellenized in the 5th century BCby Syracuse. It had a difficult relationship with its neighbor: siding with Athens during their campaign against Syracuse and again with Dinokrates against the Syracusan tyrant Agathokles. It was able however to stay more or less independent until the First Punic War.