Sicily, Leontinoi


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Ca. 460-450 BC. AR tetradrachm, 17.14 gr.

Obv: laureate head of Apollo to the right, hair rolled behind neck.

Rev: ΛEONTINON; lion’s head to the right, jaws open and tongue protruding; behind, tripod; around: three barley grains.

Ref: Rizzo pl. 23, 12 (these dies); Jameson 630 (these dies); AMB 350 (these dies); Kraay-Hirmer pl. 7, 22 (this obverse die); Ward 190 (these dies); Boehringer, Studies Price, pl. 11, 33 (these dies).
Very rare. Superb old cabinet tone. Extremely fine.

The finest representation of Apollo in Leontinian coinage and the master-engraver’s prototype work for the entire series.