Sicily, Selinos


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Circa 455-409 BC. AR tetradrachm, 17.05 gr., 28.8 mm.

Obv: Artemis driving slow biga to the right, Apollo beside her drawing bow; in exergue: corn-grain.

Rev: river-god Selinos standing to the left, drapery around his waist and hung over left arm, sacrificing from phiale in right hand over lighted altar and holding branch in left, rooster on altar, bull on basis and parsley-leaf above to the right.

Ref: Schwabacher 16; Jameson 722 (these dies). Ex Sternberg 17 (1986), lot 61; ex NAC 29 (2005), lot 103; ex Busso Peus 403 (2011), lot 40 (hammerprice: € 10,000).

Old cabinet tone. Very rare. Nearly extremely fine.

From the Athos and Dina Moretti collection.