Sicily, Syracuse


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Circa. 412 BC. AR tetradrachm, 17.25 gr., 26 mm. Signed by Euth… and Eumenos.

Obv: winged charioteer (Agon?) driving fast quadriga to the right; above: Nike flying to the left to

crown driver; in exergue: Skylla to the right, pursuing fish swimming to the right and artist’s signature: EYΘ.

Rev: SYRAKOΣΙΩN; head of Arethusa to the left, wearing pearl necklace, whorl earring, ampyx,

and sphendone ornamented with stars; around: four dolphins, under truncation: artist’s signature: EYMENOU.

Ref: Tudeer 48 (15/26). Rizzo pl. xliii, 10 (these dies). SNG Munich 1060 (these dies). Ex Arethusa collection, acquired in the 1980’s-1990’s.

Toned, with full and legible signatures. Nearly extremely fine.