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Constantinople, 1055-1056. PB seal or bulla, 50.20 gr., 41.3 mm.

Obv: + ЄMMANOYHΛ IC XC; draped bust of Christ Pantokrator facing, wearing nimbus decorated with five pellets in each arm, raising right hand in benediction and holding Book of Gospels in left.

Rev. [+ ΘЄOΔΩP’ ΑΥΓOΥ]CTΑ H ПOPΦΥΡ,ΓΕΝ,Τ; bust of Theodora Porphyrogenite facing, wearing ornate jewelled crown with pendilia and jewelled loros, holding staff surmounted by cross set on tendrils in right hand, and raising left in supplication.

Ref: Seibt 19. Zacos I 82 var. (different boulloterion).

Fine grey patina with light earthen deposits. Some marks on obverse. Very rare.

Good very fine.
From the Strategos collection of important seals