Theodosius II.



Constantinople, ca. 423 AD or later. AU 11/4 solidus, 5.41 gr.
Festaureus or medallion, struck on the occasion of the death of Honorius.

Obv: DN THEODOSIVS PF AVG; diademed, draped and cuirassed bust of Theodosius II, with slight beard, to the right.

Rev: VICTORIA ROMANORVM; Victory advancing to the left, with palm branch in left hand, wreath in raised right hand; in left field: christogram, in right field: star; in exergue: CONOB.

Ref: A. Ronde, Un aureus inédit de Théodose II pour l’atelier de Constantinople, Bulletin de la Société française de numismatique (BSFN) 63/9 (2008), 190, fig. 2 (this coin).

Unique and highly important. Traces of mounting and light scratches. Very fine.

Only one other Festaureus is known for Theodosius II, showing the same rev.- type, but a younger, unbearded bust on the obv. and probably struck at the beginning of the reign (about 403-405, see RIC X, 256, 217). On the other hand we know of multipla (4 and 2 solidi) with a similar obv. bust to the present solidus and dated to the period after AD 423 (see RIC X, 256, 215/216; MIRB 51,1 and 2). The slight beard of the bust caused Ronde to connect the issue with the death of Honorius (August 15, 423).