Thrace, Dikaia


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Circa 490-475 BC. AR hemidrachm, 1.83 gr., 11.7 mm.

Obv: bearded head of Herakles facing to the right, wearing lion-skin headdress, Δ before mouth; dotted border.

Rev: cock standing to the right, holding worm in beak, in dotted square frame; all within incuse square.

Ref: May, NC (1965), p. 22, 27 pl. II (this coin). SNG Lockett 1187 (this coin).

Old cabinet tone. Choice very fine.
Ex the Rockefeller University/Dr. Alfred E. Mirsky collection and the Lockett collection. Ex Glendining, 12 February 1958, lot 1103; ex Ars Classica-Naville XII, 23 Oct. 1926, lot 1244.