About us

Agora Ancient Coins is the webshop of Agora Numismatiek.
This website is completely devoted to high grade and rare ancient Greek coins, Roman coins and Byzantine coins.

Agora Numismatiek is specialized in buying and selling rare and high grade ancient coins, mainly Greek, Roman and Byzantine coins. Moreover, Agora Numismatiek advises when you are composing a collection, appraises collections and acts as a broker for buying and selling ancient coins at specialized auctions throughout the world.
Through cooperation with colleagues from France and Belgium, Agora Numismatiek has access to coins from private collections which normally do not appear on the market. This collective also exchanges knowledge, so Agora Numismatiek makes use of the expertise of its colleagues. This cooperation has the advantage for you as a client that decades of experience in the field of ancient numismatics are at your disposal.
Through Dutch Numismatic Auction, Agora Numismatiek has its own online-auction to auction off coins for its customers on the international market for ancient coins.

An obsessed collector of ancient coins for decades and with a lifelong passion for classical history, Dirk Drijver has founded Agora Numismatiek.
The mission of Agora Numismatiek is to make the knowledge about and the collecting of high grade and rare ancient coins accessible for an interested public by means of buying and selling ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine coins, giving lectures, publishing numismatic books, presence at arts and antique fairs and Dutch Numismatic Auction.