Arab-Sasanian, ‘Abd Allah ibn al-Zubayr, rival caliph


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DA (Darabgird), dated YE 56 = AH 67-8/687-8 AD. AR drachm, 4.07 gr., 30,5 mm.

Obv: crowned, draped bust in Sasanian style of Khosrau II to the right; behind head: ‘may his glory increase’ in Pahlawi; before head,‘Abd Allah, the Commander of the Believers’ in Pahlawi; in outer margin: ‘bism Allāh’ (‘In the name of Allah’ in Kufic) and pellets above star-in-crescents; triple pellets flanking lowest star-in-crescent.

Rev: fire altar with ribbons, flanked by two attendants; above altar, star and crescent flanking flames; to the left, date in Pahlawi; to right, DA (abbreviation for the name of the mint in Pahlavi).

Ref: Walker p.34, no. Z 2; Album 16.

Rare. Extremely Fine.

Privately acquired from W.B. Warden Jr. in 1996.