Thessaly, Pharsalos


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Late 5th-mid 4th century BC.Epi-, magistrate. AR drachm, 6.06 gr., 17.8 mm.

Obv: helmeted head of Athena, decorated with griffin on bowl, to the right; in left field: E.

Rev: Φ Α Ρ Σ (partially retrograde); warrior on horseback to the right, wearing Boiotian helmet, chiton and chlamys, brandishing lagobolon above his head; below: EΠI.

Ref: Lavva 163 var. (V76/R96 – before initials engraved on reverse die). BCD Thessaly II 651 var. (these dies before initials engraved on reverse die).
An extremely rare variety. Old cabinet tone. Choice very fine.
Ex Spink 331 (2017), lot 42. From the David Freedman collection.